Rules of the House



Our ‘Landlord’s’ Policy

Having learned from experiences in previous groups of mine, I will give you lot some simple rules. No worries: those rules are few, and not difficult to follow.

  1. This place is not a democracy, it is a house… my house. I am the owner, the elder, the host, and if necessary the dictator. As co-owner, co-elder, co-host and co-dictator I have appointed Brenda Beek.
  2. I don’t give a fiddler’s fuck about your initiations, my initiations, his initiations, her initiations, our initiations, their initiations, any initiations, or any lack thereof… period.
  3. This house represents the way of one single Ifa practitioner: me. It is not meant to teach you anything, influence you, make me better than you, make you better than me, or anything. Its only purpose is to share the way I live with Ifa, the way that I love because it works. If you pick up something useful along the line, that’s fine with me. If you don’t, that’s also fine.
  4. This does not mean that you can’t speak, share, contradict, or have differing opinions about anything/everything. Members can post comments, so please participate… in Ifa the eight years olds teach the six year olds, the ten years olds teach the eight years olds, the twelve years olds teach the ten years olds, etcetera. All members share their experience with people who are less experienced.
  5. When an Awo divines or teaches, the youngest or most fresh student starts first with their findings, then the one who was the freshest before them, and so on, until finally the Awo speaks and his greatest joy is when he can sit down, relax, and simply nod: “Hein”! I have reached the age of a grandfather by now, and I like sitting down, relaxing and nodding.
  6. Instead for the fresh leaves on the Ilé Dafa tree to wait until they are allowed to speak, I invite these leaves to participate early in topics, so the more mature leaves can fill in what the younger ones forgot. It also would help when the mature leaves could, at times, ripple out some smaller waves and give a bit of space, instead of overwhelming tsunamis.
  7. If you want to be(come) a member, you are required to use your own name, like David Jones or LaToya MacGillycuddies… not initiation names, honorary titles, Yoruba chieftaincy monikers or your inmate number in prison. You will also add a profile picture of your own face – not your cat’s, however sweet a pussy it may be.

Jaap Verduijn








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