Oriki Oshe Meji

Oshe MejiOshe the Conqueror, Oshe the Conqueror, Oshe the Conqueror,
hear me beg you now, give me strength, strength
that I may conquer all my enemies today, tomorrow,
and in all my life, letting them suffer in poverty.
Let me live long, and make me see my hair turn white.
Oshe the Conqueror. Ashé.


2 Comments on Oriki Oshe Meji

  1. HolyAargh on Sun, 12th Mar 2017 11:04
  2. Are there oriki for omo odu? E.g. oshe otura?

  3. Jaap Verduijn on Mon, 13th Mar 2017 13:36
  4. Yes, there are Oriki for all 256 Odu. I don’t have them all here, but if you look around in literature (and on the internet) you’ ll find Oriki for just about everything and everybody.

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