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The pages Online Odu and Online Oriki give you access to oriki, and to those Odu Ifa verses that are presently translated but not yet published in book form. The books are, respectively will be, available according to the schedule below on this page. The Odu books each contain a main Odu with all its fifteen sub-Odus.

Ile Dafa’s Library: Odu Ifa, Oriki, Irunmole and Ewe.

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The main odus and their fifteen sub-odus

Ifa Divination Texts and Metaphysical Observations 
in the English language arranged in alphabetical order

The publication dates are educated guesses, based on the enormous amount of work it all takes, our available working hours, and the willingness or non-willingness of Olodumare to let Brenda and me work and live sufficiently long and effectively to finish the project. Up to and including Ogbe (April 2018) the planning seems to be quite realistic – after Ogbe we may have come sufficiently into our stride to get them on the market a bit more efficiently and hence faster than the present list indicates.

  • Odu Ika Book (presently available)
  • Odu Irete Book (presently available)
  • Odu Irosun Book (presently available)
  • Odu Iwori Book (presently available)
  • Odu Obara Book (available October 2016)
  • Odu Odi Book (available April 2017)
  • Odu Ofun Book (available September 2017)
  • Odu Ogbe Book (available April 2018)
  • Odu Ogunda Book (available September 2018)
  • Odu Osa Book (available February 2019)
  • Odu Oshe Book (available July 2019)
  • Odu Okanran Book (available December 2019)
  • Odu Otura Book (available May 2020)
  • Odu Oturupon Book (available October 2020)
  • Odu Owonrin Book (available March 2021)
  • Odu Oyeku Book (available August 2021)


3 Comments on Online Library

  1. Veronique on Mon, 8th Jul 2013 18:12
  2. Baba, you’re doing a wonderful job. Are these books available?

  3. Jaap Verduijn on Tue, 9th Jul 2013 12:22
  4. At present Ika is available, pretty soon we’ll have Irete on the market, and all others will follow!

  5. Jaap Verduijn on Sat, 3rd May 2014 20:05
  6. In the meantime the book Irete has also been published!

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