Knowing vs arguing, a proverb

April 9, 2013 by
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ArgueAmong the proverbs I’m occasionally asked my opinion about, is: The one who knows does not argue, while the one who argues does not know. This is often interpreted to mean that the knowing (about a given subject) person should keep silent, and not take part in any argument and/or discussion conducted by those who lack knowledge about the subject in question. Of course this interpretation is at best incomplete, and at worst plain bullshit. Now look: discussions, even arguments, are (Please become a member and/or log in to view this article.)


2 Comments on Knowing vs arguing, a proverb

  1. Nanette Furman on Tue, 9th Apr 2013 16:57
  2. You are quite right, but to me the proverb reads as- if you know, it is often useless to argue with those who do not, but are convinced they do. The ignorant and vain do not listen to reason, they blab endlessly , listening to no one else. In which case, why bother? Moving on to more productive endeavors. Grin. Kind of describes the same landscape, eh?
    Be well all.

  3. Jaap Verduijn on Wed, 10th Apr 2013 12:12
  4. Yep, good approach too, Nanette!