Ifa divination lesson 8

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Deciding what texts to read

Ifa-Divination-LessonsWhen an Odu is cast in Ifa divination, a number of Ese Odu Ifa (Ifa texts) presents itself to us. In some Odus there may be only three or four texts, while in others (like the Mejis) there may be dozens. There are several methods to determine what texts are applicable to the client. Some diviners simply chant verses until the client stops him because (s)he recognizes something relevant, which in my opinion is not the best option because more often than not the problem the client thinks he has, is not the real problem at all. I want neither the client nor myself to decide what is relevant… I want Ifa to decide (Please become a member and/or log in to view this article.)


4 Comments on Ifa divination lesson 8

  1. Adickinson on Mon, 20th May 2013 20:06
  2. Hi Jaap,

    Question: after how many Oyekus do you decide to read or not the Ese in question ? and do you move on to the next Ese ?

    Thank you


  3. Beek Brenda on Wed, 22nd May 2013 04:49
  4. Hi Alex,

    Jaap has a departed relative, so he’s a bit occupied for a few days. I can answer your question too though, Jaap will correct me if I’m wrong about it when he’s back on track again.

    It’s not uncommon in our practice that a few Oyekus in a row show up; once in a while three or four show up. Just keep casting until you receive a “yes” or a “no”. The number of Oyekus though reveals how important your ancestors find it to read, or not to read a text. 😉


  5. Adickinson on Wed, 22nd May 2013 16:33
  6. Im sorry to hear about Jaap, please extend my condolences to him.

    Brenda thank you for your explanation, it was very helpful.


  7. Jaap Verduijn on Sun, 2nd Jun 2013 12:39
  8. Thank you, Alex! It was the last member of the old generation Verduijn I buried… now I’m “the old generation” myself!
    Omolet Brenda’s explanation is right on target, so I don’t have to correct her ;-)!