Ifa divination lesson 7

March 23, 2013 by
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3 Comments on Ifa divination lesson 7

  1. aguirre.francisco on Sat, 30th Mar 2013 13:06
  2. Baba, In saying “you envoke you” is this similiar to praying or envoking Ela?

  3. Jaap Verduijn on Sat, 30th Mar 2013 14:15
  4. No, it’s far less complicated, Francisco! It is about getting you there, getting you in the right mood/state for divination. Ifa is always there… all invocations to Ifa (or whatever divine sprig or sprite) are much more to prepare yourself to receive him, than for him to visit you. In this area (and in some others – grin!) I hold a totally opposite view than the mainstream does. Invocation for me is not so much extending an invitation to the Orisha (or whatever spook I want to talk to) to come and visit me, but much more offering a comfortable chair to a Spirit who already is there, and has always been there to begin with.

    By the way, matey: can you please upload a mugshot of yourself to your profile? Thanks!

  5. dedra on Fri, 30th Aug 2013 18:31
  6. agreed. Can you tell me more about “homework on the tree which denotes a certain point at which Orunmila/initiation entered?”