Ifa divination lesson 2

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  1. Veronique on Wed, 2nd Jan 2013 17:12
  2. Apprerciating you Baba and the bits on Ifa Wisdom

  3. Roberto on Wed, 2nd Jan 2013 17:28
  4. Thank you for all Baba Jaap. I have a question. I know the routine is to prepare cowries just like that, but what about using them intact? Do Opening their close side really balance probabilities to fall on either side? I would like to verify each intact cowrie casting it let’s say 100 times. Only if chances to fall are significantly different from 50% I’d try another or open the same. That way to open the mouth of our cowries is obviously only an attempt to equalize chances but I’m not sure it really works that way. And personally I don’t like any human manipulation for these natural stuff.

  5. shangochild on Wed, 2nd Jan 2013 18:39
  6. Thank you so much for teaching us “how to”. To smooth the edges would you rub the shell on the sandpaper? I am going to try today, this is exciting!

  7. Nanette Furman on Wed, 2nd Jan 2013 20:56
  8. I love that knife! Also, never thought of the sandpaper. If your hand is not enough a light tap with a rubber mallet can help, also an ice pick works great 🙂 Thank you always for the teaching you do.

  9. Jaap Verduijn on Wed, 2nd Jan 2013 21:18
  10. Yes Shangochild, the easiest way is to lay a sheet of sandpaper flat on a table or other hard flat surface, and then rub the shell over it. Nanette, that knife is part of what remains of my collection of military knives, a nasty beauty! Yes indeed, a light tap with a rubber mallet on the knife hilt will do the trick if the shell doesn’t want to cooperate (grin)!

  11. Jaap Verduijn on Wed, 2nd Jan 2013 21:30
  12. Hi Roberto! Interesting issue (wide grin)! If you have the time, it might be worth to give it an empirical try, let’s say one hundred casts unprepared, then one hundred casts with the opened up bellies. Years ago I did a few casts either way (just a few – not even approaching a hundred), and I remember that the opened up shells seemed to fall more randomly that the intact ones. Can’t for the life of me remember if the intact ones fell more often belly up or belly down, but there WAS a slight difference. Also, opened-up shells have somewhat more chance to land “on edge”, while those with a “full belly” (grin!) in those cases tend to topple over on their belly by its sheer weight.

    What, at least to me, is of more importance, is that “closed belly” shells don’t “feel right” in casting. They don’t move, they don’t jump, they don’t fall in the completely unexpected ways that prepared shells often do, they don’ t change weight in my hands, they don’t change temperature, they don’t change direction in mid-air, they don’t “fly”. Numsayn?

  13. Roberto on Thu, 3rd Jan 2013 13:01
  14. So, Baba I did it. It was a bit boring but eventually very interesting. Please give your advice. First I cast randomly a single non-open cowry 100 times. Results were: 51 times mouth up, 49 times mouth down (so no significant statistical difference).
    Then I randomly cast 16 non-open cowries the way of Brazilian Merindilogun, without asking anything, in a relaxed state of mind, without any disturbing or interfering thought. There was an evident Gaussian distribution of data with the highest probability pointing at number 8 (Eji Onile). By a simple chi square test there was a high statistical difference beteween 8 and other numbers as 5,7,9,11 (p<0, 01) and 1,3,13,15 (p<0,001).
    then I cast 68 times (then I felt results were repeating with a constant rate so I stopped casting) 16 cowries the way of Brazilian Merindilogun after a divination opening ritual asking for a specific question: which kind of working day is going to be today for me? Results were that Gaussian distribution was completely lost, number 8 had no prevalence (cast only 2 times against 20 times of the first random non-ritualized casting, p<0,001) while there was a staistical difference (p<0,01 and p<0,001) between numbers 7, 4 and 5 compared to others. So, calling for divination shifted results from a simple statistical gaussian probability to a new point where I found the answer to my question. Coming out Odu were Irosun, Ose and Odi. I had no need to confirm my enemies at work were waiting for attacking me on a mixed basis of mischievousness and envy, however 🙂
    As I'm not able to copy and past here, I will send you the file with inherent graphs by PB.

  15. Jaap Verduijn on Thu, 3rd Jan 2013 14:57
  16. That’s beautiful, thanks!!! Much appreciated! Interesting is indeed that normally, without invocations, the 16 cowries neatly follow the pattern of binomial distribution, the Gauss Curve and the Triangle of Pascal. Clearly in those cases there is no specific spiritual influence at work, which shouldn’t be expected either. However, when inspired by Spirit, all these “rules” fly out of the window (wide grin)!

    I think that either here on Ilé Dafa or one of my other sites I have spoken about binomial distribution, uttering stern warnings against those “diviners” who come up with a far too high amounts of 7, 8 or 9 shells. Those are probably not driven by Ashé, but by Messieurs Gauss and Pascal!

    We’ll definitely get back to this later on, because on previous occasions I’ve noticed that the concept of binomial distribution is alien to most Merindinlogun diviners and their clients. I’ll bring a few of these things up again.

    Thanks matey, keep up the good work!

    Via the following link you can see Roberto’s graphs. Very educational!

  17. Jaap Verduijn on Fri, 4th Jan 2013 13:07
  18. Just as a side note: it doesn’t really matter what “things” you use for divination, or whether they’re in any particular way prepared or not. Spirit speaks through every available means to those who use these means consistently, and with the right intentions. I do not present THE method, because there is not one single “THE” method. Just like the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the proof of the shells (opele, trouser buttons, coins, whatever) is in the casting.

  19. shangochild on Sat, 5th Jan 2013 02:52
  20. Very interesting and valuable information, thank you for sharing!

    Roberto, I have one question bugging me (possibly a remnant of fear-inducing, pre-independent mentality)…. did you actually ask the same every time before casting, or did you explain before the question that you would cast many times (like for research purposes)? Thank you in advance for bearing with me…

  21. Roberto on Sat, 5th Jan 2013 11:05
  22. Dear Sangochild, obviously that experimental setting fit with my necessity to demonstrate the inflence of spirit support against the simple statistical probability. And results were evident (non surprising indeed…….). However that is not my approach to divination. It is very boring and Jaap would say if it ain’t fun it is not Ifa 🙂 I must say however results were very nice as they recalled those of a common casting with an Opole Odu (Odi) and accompanying ones like Irosun and Ose. Furthermore, I must say even the others Odu derangement from statistical probability adds a lot of information to that casting. For example the low incidence of Eji Onile casting related very well with that day low-energy status that affected me and explained some possible reactions of mine to a specific working situation. I mean the analysis of the statistical shift to probability may add useful information to a so complex, boring and experimental casting. In my usual approach (but that only has a personal value of course) rarely I use brazilian Merindilogun as I prefer Ifa direct interlocution. Opele, Ikins, cowries, all are good instruments and may adapt to everyone personal preferences. What counts is Spirit assistance to transform a simple probabilistic casting into a significant information exchange where we behave like humble receivers of a higher spiritual wisdom. Ase o…

  23. Roberto on Fri, 11th Jan 2013 22:59
  24. Baba Jaap, please keep on teaching us about Ifa divination…… We look forward the third lesson……

  25. Jaap Verduijn on Sat, 12th Jan 2013 13:03
  26. Dontcha worry Roberto: this weekend I must finish a long distance reading that took much longer than usual, but after that’s done I hope to have a few days available for throwing out a couple of new lessons in this series! ;-)!

  27. Veronique on Mon, 14th Jan 2013 12:40
  28. I enjoyed every comment. I gladly ask Ifa to send Roberto to stand by me at the defence of my thesis. I can see he is a good statistician.

  29. Jaap Verduijn on Mon, 14th Jan 2013 13:52
  30. Good thinking, Veronique! Roberto knows his stuff!

  31. Veronique on Tue, 15th Jan 2013 07:16
  32. Having read these comments, I brought out my unopened consecrated shells ( already prepared for me) and opened them by myself yesterday evening. I shall reconsecrate them (13 lol) by myself because I have hit them with a knife and wood. Nobody would believe that the consecration could be as simple as that. It’s only that I believe in Baba Jaap.

  33. Jaap Verduijn on Tue, 15th Jan 2013 12:09
  34. Don’t believe in me, Veronique. Believe in yourself, in your Ori!

  35. dedra on Fri, 30th Aug 2013 17:02
  36. Deep Roberto. That’s on the level yo!
    Nice Knife Jaap.