Ifa Divination lesson 14

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7 Comments on Ifa Divination lesson 14

  1. fenixcsmar on Wed, 27th Mar 2013 09:08
  2. Great Article

  3. Orren Whiddon on Fri, 29th Mar 2013 15:47
  4. Kind of aside from the primary topic of this article, and more on the subject of Obi divination, does the same taboo against sex between diviner and client exist for Obi divination? Also, does this taboo exist forever? in other words, should one refuse to divine for someone if they have had sex with them in the distant past? Does divination rule out sexual interaction between diviner and client for the rest of their lives?


  5. Nanette Furman on Fri, 29th Mar 2013 16:37
  6. Oooh, I can tell I am a bit feisty today… sigh. Common Sense! Don’t go trolling for sex partners by being their therapist/diviner. But if your ex-husband/lover/ one night stand wants a reading and you feel distanced enough to do it, well, ethically that seems quite sensible. Jaap- did you ever read for Caroline?

  7. Jaap Verduijn on Fri, 29th Mar 2013 16:51
  8. Hi Orren and Nanette! The taboo on sex between diviner and client is, although very serious, also a sensible one. It is mainly in place to avoid power abuse, and also low-life tricks like: “I can heal you if I fuck you”. There is, however, no such taboo if the two parties involved already have or had a sexual relationship. Indeed I did a lot of divining for Caroline, and often we boinked the living daylights out of each other only a few hours later (wide grin)!

    Whether the taboo exists forever, is a matter for Ifa to decide on. When a diviner and a client develop feelings for each other and fall in love, divination will quite likely result in lifting of the taboo. However, such things should not be done lightly!

    The general taboo applies to all forms of Ifa divination, of which Obi is a part. In my opinion it also applies to other forms of divination outside the Ifa systems, but since I don’t work with those it doesn’t apply to my personal life. However, when I channel “James” for a client, I impose the same taboo on myself: don’t fuck the client!

    Interesting is that there is ONE Odu text (there are possibly more, but I only know of one) that literally states that, when it appears, the taboo does NOT apply. I encountered this text only once, an occasion which Brenda will undoubtedly remember (amused grin)! Luckily for us, the same text also says that if you are ALLOWED to do something, it doesn’t mean that you are OBLIGED to do it. Which kind of produced a sigh of relief from both diviner and client 😉 !

  9. Nanette Furman on Fri, 29th Mar 2013 20:47
  10. Ah, Ifa thy name is Common Sense! chuckle

  11. Beek Brenda on Fri, 29th Mar 2013 20:57
  12. Wuahahaha! Sure I do remember 😉 Holy fugging God I do LOL 😉 and that look on our faces like “You MUST be kidding me” 😉

    There must be more of those texts Blabla, I started translating Owonrin-Meji for myself as you know. And there is a verse in there that has a standard interpretation that states: “Ifa also says that the appearance of this Odu denotes the rare exception of the tabboo of an Awo having sexual intercourse with a client, if the husband waives volunteerly or, which makes it easier, when there is no husband at all. But mind: when something is allowed to happen, it doesn’t mean it should happen! Possibly this matter should be consulted about with Ifa.”

    I wondered, where does that leave me as a diviner ;-), when I saw that text.

  13. Jaap Verduijn on Fri, 29th Mar 2013 21:53
  14. Bren, at a certain moment in time I will let you loose on clients, all by yourself. I can tell you now that the “standard taboo” will remain firmly in place – an Ita with its connected Odu texts being quite a different kind of reading than you will be doing for clients. Only if such a text/interpretation crops up when you’re divining for a client, will the taboo be lifted. When your Odu Owonrin Meji fell for you during your Ita, you were the client, meaning that at that moment the taboo between the client (you) and the diviner (me) was lifted. Once I will let you operate independently, you won’t be a client anymore… you will be the diviner. Ifa is always “client oriented”, so again: only if such an Odu text comes for your client while you are reading him (in your case I can safely exclude “her” – grin!), will the taboo on sex be lifted. But bear in mind: even then it’s only allowed… but definitely not obligatory. In other words: you may… but you won’t have to.

    In short: no, you can’t fuck them all 😉 !