Ifa Divination Lesson 10

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  1. Roberto Baglini on Sat, 19th Apr 2014 09:16
  2. Nice Babà . Kiss And go. 🙂 the only point you might highlight further is Etawa. In my personal comprehension I see Etawa as a subtle sign one has to reformulate the question and cast again. This in a general sense. In case of deciding whether a text should be read, I prefer to cast again. That is I see in Etawa a certain dose of uncertainty, that however indicates the text I am casting for is not Of particular importance even if Ifa answer Yes.

    BTW Thank you Baba to go ahead with Divination lessons. It is a previous gift for all us.

  3. Roberto Baglini on Sat, 19th Apr 2014 09:16
  4. Sorry, precious not previous

  5. Jaap Verduijn on Sat, 19th Apr 2014 09:57
  6. Thanks, Roberto, that is correct: Etawa is not as firm a “Yes” as Alafia and Ejife are. In fact, in the “Jaap Verduijn” system ( 😉 ) there are three kinds of “firmness” in the “Yes” answers. The strongest “Yes” is Alafia, Ejife or Etawa when preceded by one or more Oyekus: that’s “YES!” hollered via a loudspeaker attached to a 10,000 Watt amplifier. The second strongest are Alafia and Ejife: those are a firm and undeniable “Yes”. The last one is Etawa, which can be considered something like: “Oh, alright, go ahead”.

    What we have to bear in mind is that this particular lesson is essentially about one particular kind of question: “Does this text want to be read?” In this context it makes no sense to throw a second cast after Etawa, because we are not pursuing any complicated subject here: whatever complications there may be for the client, will surface in the reading itself, i.e. in the texts and their interpretations.

    In the reading itself, when Etawa appears, indeed it does require a follow-up, just like Okanran. But that’s not the subject of this particular lesson. We will get to that in a later instalment.

    ADDITION: As a result of progressing insight I have learned to treat Etawa as a “No” that almost never needs a follow-up. Neither does the “No” given in Okanran.

  7. Roberto Baglini on Sat, 19th Apr 2014 20:04
  8. Very clear Baba. Thank you.

  9. Jaap Verduijn on Sun, 27th Apr 2014 10:47
  10. Roberto, I’m working on the next lesson. It covers the more extensive method of interpreting and working with yes/no answers that can be used during the divination itself, whether by the diviner himself in the regular process of the reading or in the client’s “question hour” 😉 ! So look out for Lesson # 11!

  11. lcmascorro on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 23:28
  12. Hello,

    When casting the 4 cowries to your Esu, Oggun, Ibeji, Olokun, Egun etc. do you cast them in front of their shrines? If so, does the invocation change to just mention the Orisha, Egun etc by name?

  13. Beek Brenda on Tue, 29th Jul 2014 17:10
  14. Your question is already answerred in the last paragraph in this lesson and in the Independent group on Facebook. I’ll paste it again here:

    “When in doubt, ask (your cowries)!!!

    Oh dear, how simple is it all! When in doubt, ask!!! That’s what your cowries are for, after all! When performing Ifa divination you never need to leave the client (or yourself!) with any uncertainty, not when it comes to the practical things anyway. Ask, ask, ask! The answers will always be forthcoming!”

    Since we promote independency we also like to promote people to look for anwers oneself, the oracle is friendly enough to explain itself. For me it is not neccessary to do it in front of shrines, so I reckon it might neither be of utmost importance for you. However, when you like to do such a thing, then feel free to just do it.

  15. olubukola on Sat, 2nd May 2015 15:52
  16. Greetings,
    I want to be sure of the side of d cowries that is counted in divination with eerindinlogun. Is it d part revealing d inner part of d cowries or d teeth side.

    2. What. I was thought was that what u regard as alaafia is oyeku and vice versa. Kindly enlighten me.

    3. My cowries giv wrong answers, dunno y. Especially as regards d yes/no. Answers.

  17. Jaap Verduijn on Sat, 2nd May 2015 17:08
  18. Greetings Olobukola!

    1. In Eerindinlogun (Dilogun in Lukumi) the cowries that are counted are the “mouths”, in other words the teethed slits. There may be exceptions though – every system works, as long as it is used consistently.

    2. The way I read Alafia as opposed to Oyeku is the way it is generally done. Again, there may be exceptions – every system works, as long as it is used consistently.

    3. Maybe it’s not Ifa speaking through them… they may simply be following statistics, i.e. binomial distribution. There may be several reasons for this deplorable state of affairs, like not following the instructions from Lesson 1 on. These instructions, by the way, do not contain the only method. They do, however, convey a method that works.

    Apart from all this… how do you know the answers your cowries provide are wrong?

    Be well!

  19. olubukola on Mon, 4th May 2015 01:15
  20. Thanks sincerely for d reply, I know that d answers aren’t correct when I ask it questions concerning immediate affairs e.g will d money I’m expecting from this client come through today, it. May say yes whereas @ d end of d day, d money won’t b anywia near me. Or a question like will I b the one chosen for ds contract , it may so no, whereas I’m d one chosen.

    May I also know how to get Ifa to speak through them.
    I got cowries because I dream a lot about it with specific instructions to get it if I want to prosper, sometimes in my dreams. I find myself doing cowries divination. And I often hear different Odu/ese Ifa when I’m half awake without seeing who is saying them, such odu keeps ringing in my ear, so most times I go to the internet to see if there is anything lik that nd what message is being passed across. So I consulted an iyanifa, she is a white witch nd does agbomola, she told me a number of rituals /ceremonies I have to do b4 I can receive it, I wasn’t present @any of them, but. I know d cowries were soaked in blood etc. But since I had them, I can’t feel them/or their impact, nd dts y I’m asking how do I get ifa to speak thro. Them.

    Expecting your prompt reply.

  21. Jaap Verduijn on Mon, 4th May 2015 09:15
  22. Hi Olubukola!

    It seems you are using divination as a fortune telling system, instead of a means to spiritual growth and a method for walking the path of your best destiny. In other words: you are asking the wrong questions!

    Tell me… what sense does it make to ask a question like: “Will the money I’m expecting from this client arrive today?” Within a matter of hours the money itself will answer you: it will either be there, or not 😉 ! Ifa doesn’t work this way, in fact this worthy doesn’t give a fiddler’s fuck whether your money arrives or not! Ifa, in close cooperation with your Ori, is concerned with, and a method for, following your best possible destiny!

    Try not to ask such questions anymore. If you can’t resist the urge, visit the well-known Gypsy lady at the local summer fair. Or have a Chinese meal and read your fortune cookie. Still easier: sit on your ass and simply watch the answer materialize within hours. This is not what Ifa is for.

    What you should do, is formulate such questions as: “Is it in my best Destiny that this money will arrive today?” Now you’re talking! And Ifa/Ori will produce the correct answer which will help you move on towards spiritual growth, development as a good human being, and the best possible destiny your Ori has in store for you. At present, unfortunately, you seem to be abusing the tool.

    Your second paragraph is quite encouraging though! Your experiences seem to suggest that you may be able to develop a strong connection with Ifa. It probably would be very helpful for you if you strengthen your abilities to communicate with Ifa via your cowries – I believe if you follow my Ifa Divination Lessons on the site consistently from Lesson 1 forward (plus the separate instructions about casting Four Cowries), your path will become much easier and far more clear!

    As far as the Iyanifa is concerned, I can’t say anything sensible. A white witch who does agbomola? Fine – I don’t even know what agbomola is ;-)! If the cowries she gave/consecrated don’t seem to work for you, I’d suggest you go back to her and discuss the matter.

    Finally I have a small practical request. Please don’t write stuff like “b4” or “nd dts y”. I’m not a cryptographer – I can only guess what on earth is being conveyed. I presume it’s “before” in the first case, and in the second “and that’s why”. So: words please – not puzzles in pidgin.

    Be well!