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Paid Membership
US $5 per month

Membership for full and total access. To be able to pay with Paypal, you’ll need a Paypal account. If you don’t have one, please follow the instructions on the Paypal website.



Become a member in three easy steps

In order to keep most of the crooks and other human elenini out, we’ve set a range of barriers. So you’re going to have to jump through a few hoops. Please read the instructions carefully and simply follow the instructions, that way nothing can go wrong. Please note that you must use your own name: NO NICKS.

Jumping through hoops


Helpdesk: Having trouble with filling in and passing through the application process?
• First read the step by step instructions carefully.
• Then read the step by step instructions carefully again.
• Think. Think! THINK. THINK!
• If all the above fails, ask via the Contact Form for assistance. You probably won’t get much though: we really can’t make it any clearer than it already is.


Alright, here we go with Instructions Step One: fill out and submit the form below:

Step-1 Personal Details

We ask you for your real name, address and a few other things. Essentially, we’d like you to tell us a few relevant tidbits about yourself. Rest assured: you don’t have to write a book (wide grin!), but we want at least some scraps of information about whom you happen to think is you.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Other


After having submitted this form…

We will examine your answers and maybe approach you with a few more questions. So you’ll have to wait for us to process your apply. Within a couple of days you will receive an e-mail* from Jaap Verduijn.

In this e-mail you will find one of these two options:
1. We don’t accept you as a member; the membership process ends there for you.
2. We like you enough to accept you and share our “secrets”. In the e-mail you’ll find a link and a password. From there you may proceed with Step Two and Three, as is described in the instructions below.
* Please keep in mind that sometimes e-mails will automatically be redirected to your spam folder. So don’t forget to check that either.


Instructions Step Two and Three

Step-2 Enter Protected area


1. Check the e-mail that Jaap has send you
You have received an e-mail with a link (url) to the page as shown in the above image. Click on the link to be directed to that page.

2. Fill in the password
In the e-mail you also find a password that you need to fill in, be aware that the password is case sensitive. You can also copy the password from the e-mail and paste it into the field (see the red frame in the image above).

3. Submit the password
Press the ‘Submit’ button and you will be taken to Step Four: The final membership form. IF however nothing happens, re-enter the password and hit the submit button again, quite possibly the password was typed incorrectly.


Step-3 Final membership form


In this final form you’ll re-enter a few things (mind: in the FORM ITSELF, not in the red-framed part of the column on the right!!! That comes later, as your log-in once you are a member!

1. Username
Please use your own name (birth name, official name) here: FIRST NAME + SURNAME! We don’t want to hide from our fellow members! PLUS all the different names confuse Jaap’s autism!

2. E-mail
Fill in your e-mail address.

3. Set Membership Contribution US$5 p.m.
To set your contribution (US$5 per month) click the Paypal dot to connect with your Paypal account and create/pay your subscription.

4. Re-enter personal details

5. Submit the form
After submitting the form you will either be redirected to a page where you can create a password, or you will be sent a password via email.

6. Logging in to Ilé Dafa in the future
In the right column of the website you’ll find the “Members Log-in” section (see red frame). To enter the protected area of this website: fill in the username and the password that were created in step 1 and 5.

7. Show your own face!
Our goal is to keep openness to one another, this is also meant to keep the creeps out! You can use Gravatar to upload your profile picture, use the same e-mail adres that you used on Ilé Dafa. Or upload your picture by editing your profile on the Ile Dafa website (right upper corner of this website).

Your own nameOnce you have done everything right and have successfully become a member, in your profile you will see something like the screenshot to the left. In the little drop-down menu called “Display name publicly as…”, simply set it to your first name and last name. Oh… and don’t forget to upload a picture or “gravatar” of yourself! We’ll all know who’s who then.


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