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  1. abamiedo on Mon, 22nd Jan 2018 05:09
  2. Alaafia Baba Jaap, I pray all is well in your life at this time. I have enjoyed your teachings and I share your site with all the Omo Awos I study with (I pray that at least a few of them have joined the site officially). I was wondering when the remaining Odu books will be available. I have your first four books and I truly enjoy the stories and the break down of the Odus you provide. Also, do you teach/train Babalawos directly? It would be nice to study under your guidance for awhile.

    Thank you,
    Baba James Hunter

  3. Jaap Verduijn on Mon, 22nd Jan 2018 11:27
  4. Hi James, good to hear from you! The fifth volume (Obara) has gone through the stage of digital proof reading. The file is with Brenda now who will process the corrections. After that it will be sent to the printer for a paper proof reading copy (on paper one always discovers more errors than on the screen). When the last corrections have taken place, the book will be ready for publishing!

    So you can reasonably count on it being on the market in Februari or March! And we’re already well on our way translating the texts of Odi and Ofun into English, so there really is progress (happy grin)!

    Beginning with Obara there will be one major change though. Unlike the first four volumes in this series, from volume #5 onwards the books are not fully illustrated anymore on account of the process having proved itself to be too time-consuming.

    It’s pretty simple: experience taught us that of each volume about a hundred copies are sold. After publishing a few dozen are sold quickly, then it dwindles, and after about a year sales almost totally stop – what remains is sort of “drip… drip…. drip…”. Instead of getting something (however little) OUT or our work, we keep pouring money INTO it. This means that for Brenda, who is the artist, it makes no sense, absolutely no sense at all, to invest hundreds (literally HUNDREDS) of hours in making lots of illustrations on each and every page – she has better things to do with her energy and her time!

    Come to think of it, there’s one more little change. When Obara is published we will (for all the books) remove the option of buying via other outlets like Amazon and Ingram – we’ll stick to Lulu only. Why? Amazon is a bloody robber: they take about two thirds of our royalties as their commission. So they may go fugg themselves (wide and wicked grin)!

    Anyway, James: you can look forward to seeing Obara being published pretty soon now, and hopefully Odi and Ofun will follow not too far away in the future!

    May you live, be prosperous and healthy!

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