Big changes!

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Greetings all!

This site has been wonky for a long time, due to the fact that the provider is located in the Ukraine, and Paypal which arranges the subscriptions doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of that part of the world. Result: less and less options are working, and pretty soon the whole thing may be removed from the internet.

‘t Would be a big shame if all the information that’s already here and all the interesting stuff that will be coming up soon (I’ve got a lot of articles to be posted in the next few months!) would be lost for posterity, so I’ve switched to a completely new service with many more options than this here ol’ site has.

So there are two things my present members might want to do.

1. Please cancel your present subscriptions (via Paypal) for this site – I don’t want y’all to be paying for something that might disappear anytime now.

2. Please go over to the brand new Ifa Knowledge Project where you will find a whole range of old and new options, including free Ifa divinations by me on specific leves of membership! I’m excited with all the new possibilities, and so should you be (happy grin)!

Actually, the cheapest level there (“Ore” at 2 US$ a month) will give the members of this here old site just about all perks they have here for 5 bucks, so you’ll be “grandfathered in” for less money as my thanks to your loyalty over the past years.

Many of you know that I have incurable cancer. The new site gives me the option to keep working in a more efficient and indeed more helpful way for y’all than before, plus it will enable me to keep writing and publishing my series of Odu Ifa text books. Y’know, thanks to Ifa I’m dealing quite well with the cancer, and I really intend to make my (hopefully many) remaining years as useful as possible.

I love you all (well, maybe not all, but that doesn’t matter – grin), and I hope to see you around in the new place which presently is in the building stage but will grow every day.

Be well, the lot of you, and see you around!

Jaap Verduijn, your cantankerous and cancerous old curmudgeon (grin).