Ifa divination lesson 9

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Positions of shells on the tray/mat

Ifa-Divination-LessonsFor some reason that I frankly don’t understand, there is a lot of interest in the significance of where exactly on the tray or mat the shells fall during Ifa divination with four cowries. The relevance of these positions in one or more of the quadrants as shown in the illustration, is of less importance than what the shells (and the accompanying Odu texts) actually say… In fact I hardly if ever include the positions of the shells in the interpretation of the various casts, simply because after several hours the client begins to get hungry and wants to go home (wide grin)! After all, there’s a limit to the amount of info a person can handle, and any overkill soon becomes more confusing than enlightening. But since the position in the quadrants may provide some background information for the diviner him/herself, let’s give it a go anyway.

Quadrants of the OponThe first thing you have to bear in mind when doing Ifa divination, is that the diviner is, or at least should be, always in control of the divination process. Of course it is Ifa who is in charge and control of the messages conveyed and of the remedies prescribed, but as for the process of divination it is the diviner who holds the reigns and is in charge. This can’t be emphasized strongly enough… yet it is often overlooked.

It’s you who sets the rules!

So it’s you who sets the rules, and in order to work with the quadrants of the tray you have to tell your divination system what the quadrants are and what they represent. This is not a difficult concept to grasp: both Ifa and you must know what the rules (Members: click to read on)