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What to do with the Opon or Mat?

The essence is not what to do with the objects used in divination, but to understand what they represent. When you understand what they represent it is easy to understand what has made them sacred. Understanding that, makes it possible to cherish those objects for the principles they represent. And cherishing and loving will give you access and connection, not only to yourself, but also to the knowledge they are related to: Ifa Cosmology. So what does Ifa represent? All There Is. “We are all the same dot, multiplied”, keep this sentence in mind.

If someone would ask me why I treat my mat with care and dignity, while to most around me it will only appear to be a pimped up tray for serving dishes, and that I’m probably insane. I’d say “See this picture of my late grandmother? To me it is a symbol of my memory and love for her, and by looking at it, I can easily connect to her and feel her presence, as if I last saw and held her yesterday.” And like the picture of grandma, some Ifa objects represent soul food to me.

Now I can burn a candle for my grandma putting it in front of her picture, knowing that it is not really her. But for me as a human being, it is a tool to have my Ori connect to her Ori in Orun and be able to feel that in my body. The picture helped by triggering my brains (body) to remember her smell, laughter and touch. In my mind that experience is very vivid, because my body is fully aware of that, I am conscious(ness). A body needs tools, as it needs food. Tools may function as a subliminal message; however not being raised with all the objects and their intrinsic meaning, logically doesn’t do the job.

Without understanding what the objects represent it seems impossible to me to really value those objects. And in my personal view it has no spiritual value to hold these objects sacred or use them just because you were told to, to show off, or just because everybody else does. (Members: click to read on)

Ifa divination lesson 9

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