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By publishing a page of an existing book I’m on the edge of what is legally permitted, but on account of it being small and quite educational I think I remain within the safe boundaries of “fair use”. This so called “Odu Ifa” text (it’s supposed to be from Ika-Otura) is one of the many things that would worry me about Ifa today… if I were the worrying type, which I am in many ways but definitely not when it’s about Ifa taking care of itself.

Cookie wisdomThis kind of thing is what many people in the Diaspora think of, and accept as, Ifa. Personally I think it’s a load of crap. It’s fortune cookie wisdom. It’s a sad example of how you can cheat the unsuspecting punters out of their hard-earned money. What do you think about Ifa “wisdoms” like “You have a pair of underwear that is ripped”? Or “You had a dream last night or a few nights ago that was good”? Or “You once threw out a piece of jewelry”? Or “Do not go near the shore of the river or the sea because you may fall in”? Or the classic “If you do not make ebo, you will become very ill”? Yep, that last one is a beauty! Threaten and scare the client out of his greenbacks! And what about “You are not happy with the Oluwo that you have”? Well, that’s finally a good one! True! And run, run like hell!

Fortune cookie stuff. Fun fair soothsayer’s “predictions”. Geez: “You once tried to kill yourself or have thought about it”… could that have been after having read this crap? It sure would be a reason! Or could it have been out of profound sadness because “You have a pair of underwear that is ripped” 😉 ? C’mon guys, grow up!

Fortune cookie Ika-Otura