Ifa divination lesson 4

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Opening invocation for Ifa divination

Ifa-Divination-LessonsBefore starting any divination, it’s a good idea to invoke the oracle, to “make it come alive”. There are many ways of doing this, and I usually take a very short road myself because after thirty years of practice it takes me just a couple of hand gestures and a few second to “get there”. However, every now and then, especially with a new client, I like to take the more extensive road below because it also influences the client in a positive way.

The stuff below is highly unorthodox, you won’t find this specific way of opening the Oracle anywhere else. But hey: we’re Independent, and we do things the way they work… not how others tell us they should be done!

As you live in heaven and on earth alike, Olodumare,
you are the first we praise, our Creator.
We praise the morning powers of the East.
We praise the evening (Members: click to read on)

Ifa divination lesson 3

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Consecration of the cowries

Ifa-Divination-LessonsAfter you’ve got your shells prepared by opening up the bellies, it’s time to “consecrate” them. “Consecrate”… sounds like a monumental, extremely spiritual task, only to be performed by the highest priests who are already almost Saints… but in fact it’s a fairly simple procedure that any sensible human being can do. I’ll give you one simple format here, but there are many more ways to do it… my way is not the only way, it’s just mine.

Begin by cleansing the shells in/under cool streaming water. If you don’t have a peaceful little river or a pleasant brook around, the tap above the kitchen sink will do quite nicely. Remember: Ifa is not really about all that hopscotch, hootenanny and fancy dress stuff that has become so popular in (Members: click to read on)

Quadrants of the Opon

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Although this drawing shows an Opon Ifa, its quadrants are at least as applicable to the round tray on which Owo Merindinlogun (Dilogun) are cast. Bear in mind that in Ifa-Orisha tradition the top of the tray is the East. Soon, in my “Ifa for Dummies” lessons (members only) on this site, I will explain how I work with these quadrants. In the mentime it will give you some things to think about, and figure out for yourselves!

Quadrants of the Opon

Odu Jan/Feb/Mar 2013

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Oturupon-IkaThe quarterly Odu for the Ilé Dafa for the months Januari, Februari and March of the year 2013 is Oturupon-Ika. The short summary is: Under the influence of Oturopon-Ika we may expect spiritual transformation, great prosperity and healing. (Members: click to read on)

Ifa divination lesson 2

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Preparing the cowries

Ifa-Divination-LessonsAfter having acquired your cowrie shells, the next step is fysically preparing them. The shells must become random generators, and in order to have an equal chance to fall on either side, the backside or “belly” of the shells need to be partly broken away. You start this process by placing the point of a knife in the slit or mouth of the cowrie, taking care that the underground is neither too hard nor too soft: wood will do very well. Then, while with one hand holding the knife, with the other hand you deliver a gentle yet firm tap on the top of the knife hilt. Below you see how that’s done, and for those who are interested: the knife is a Fairbairn-Sykes Third Model, fully original and in mint (Members: click to read on)