Randomly refreshing bits of Ifa wisdom:

If you have been initiated into Ifa, your own mind should initiate you.

Awo! Do not climb a tree on a broken rope.
Awo! Do not jump into the water if you can't swim.
Awo! Don't draw a knife in anger!
Awo! Do not wear the apron of Awo.


“Irosun” and discount coming soon

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Your patience will pay off!

Cover Irosun bookDue to the “Independent Computer” ;-) , after a weeks and weeks and weeks long period of repairs and replacements, finally operates and indeed keeps operating like a computer should, the work on Volume 3 in our range of Odu Ifa books “Irosun” has been resumed at full speed! I don’t think we’ll be able to make the original October deadline (although Brenda seems to be more optimistic), but November should pose no problem at all.

That’s one half of the good news. The second half is that, on the publishing date of “Irosun”, we will create a discount for all paying members of the Ilé Dafa! It won’t be long, it is not far away, or full members will find themselves in a position to buy our books for a considerably lower price!

Soon: discount on Odu Ifa books!

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Odu books cheaper for members

Good news for the faithful members of this website! To show my appreciation for the paying members of this Ilé Dafa website, I have decided to make my Odu Ifa books available to them with a considerable discount. I consider this only fair: by having a paid subscription to this site you help make it possible to write, design and publish the books which, apart from a labor of love, is also an extremely time consuming and damn expensive business.

Discount Odu Ifa booksI am not sure yet what the exact amount of the discount will be, although I guess I’ll probably settle on US$5 off each volume, possibly slightly more. I aim to keep the default (full) price of each volume at the present US$21.95 which, on account of some volumes having (a lot) more pages than some others, seems to be a fair overall average. With five bucks off, the discounted price will then be US$16.95 or I might even decide to fix the discounted price at let’s say the nice round sum of 15 dollars. Although with the thinner volumes this will leave me with very little profit indeed and with the fatter volumes with none at all (or even a loss), I think that in all fairness the monthly contributions to this site from the faithful subscribers warrant this discountly gesture of appreciation.

At present we’re figuring out the technicalities of supplying this discount for our paying members, and when that’s done I’ll post the results here, including how you need to go about ordering your pleasantly discounted books.

Ilé Dafa Palaver House open again!

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Our secret group is open for you

Because lately most of my Ifa/Orisha friends seem to be rather well-behaved and not too much given to fights, quarrels, curses and flame wars, I have decided to open the “Ilé Dafa Palaver House” group again for members of this here good old Ilé Dafa website.

Palaver House

As many of you know, a couple of years ago I created the “Ilé Dafa Palaver House” group for Ilé Dafa members only, as a so-called “secret group”, which means the following: Non-members can’t find the group in searches or see anything about the group, including its name and member list. The name of the group will not display on the timelines of members. Although technically any member of the Palaver House Group can invite others to become a member, such an invitee has to be approved by one of the administrators. So there will be no Peeping Toms here!

In contrast with the “Independent Ifa Practitioners” group, the “Palaver House” offers us the opportunity to be among friends only, making it possible to discuss somewhat controversial issues that you wouldn’t like f’rinstance your Elders to be witness of ;-) ! In order to become a member, all you have to do is (Members: click to read on)

Take care of your subscription

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Keep your shit up to date!

There is nothing, nothing at all, difficult about the paid membership system of this website. It works via Paypal, and all you have to do is keep your shit in order, simply by entering the correct information of the correct credit card into Paypal, and then for good heaven’s sake keeping this information up to date! I can’t do that for you: I don’t have access to your Paypal account, I don’t have access to your credit card account, and to be frank I don’t want to have access to either your credit card or Paypal account. And believe me: you don’t want me to have that access either (wide and wicked grin)!

paypallogoIt’s so incredibly easy… yet each and every month there are at least two, sometimes three or four, members who manage to get themselves into trouble: either they have no positive balance, or their old credit card has expired and they have failed to submit the new card number and/or expiration date to their Paypal account. Result: Paypal stops payments, the software does exactly what it is supposed to do in such cases, I receive the automatic message that the “user has cancelled the subscription”, and the sinner loses access to the membership parts of the site.

The next stage is that either Brenda, myself or both receive messages “I suddenly can’t get in anymore. What’s up?”. Well, the above… that’s what’s up. Friends, I have no way, no way at all to distinguish between a membership cancelled on purpose, and a membership cancelled because you fucked up your shit. Being widely known as a kind man (amused grin!), until now I have always helped those who messed up, but I won’t do it anymore. I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy, I don’t have the willingness anymore. The system is perfectly alright, the automatic cooperation between Paypal, the credit card companies and the site’s software functions flawlessly, and if you keep your shit up to date your Paypal subscription runs on till you deliberately cancel it. If it’s cancelled for failing to keep your stuff in order, that’s not my problem. You may sort it out yourself with Paypal and your credit card company. This month two people messed up, one for the second time, one for the third time… which is too crazy for words. I’m not a fuggin’ nanny, and I won’t be nannying anymore.

DiscountThat was the bad news – now the good! In October the third volume of Brenda’s and mine collection of Odu Ifa texts will hit the market: the book IROSUN. From then on a coupon code will be made available for paying members of the Ilé Dafa, giving a discount on all books – I’m thinking of a 5 dollar discount per copy. Yes, that is a quite considerable discount – but I think the faithful members deserve it!

“Independent Ifa Practitioners” group


The Independent Group is open again!

If you lot would like to have an easy platform to discuss all kinds of things pertaining to Ifa and Orisha, you might want to join our recently re-opened Independent Ifa Practitioners group on Facebook.

Like, Share & Win!

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Jaap Verduijn’s Odu Ifa Collection Volume 1 & 2

Like & Share

Do three things to make chance!

1] Like this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/odu.ifa.collection
2] Like this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ifalution
3] Share this post on Facebook: http://bit.ly/winodu

The winner will be announced on the Facebook page ‘Odu Ifa Collection‘ when the post has been shared 1.256 times (by people other than Brenda and Jaap).

More information on the books:
Ika: http://bit.ly/18zVqxU
Irete: http://bit.ly/irete
General Information: http://on.fb.me/SoJLgc

Previews are available at Lulu.com (click under the cover photo):
Ika: http://bit.ly/18zVqxU
Irete: http://bit.ly/irete


Jaap Verduijn Ifa Divination Center

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A quite bombastic title, but still…

Behind the somewhat show-offish title Jaap Verduijn Ifa Divination Center something potentially useful hides itself. I’ve owned the domain jaapverduijn.com for years, using it as some sort of core or hub for my twenty or so affiliate stores that formed my late lamented “Internet eBay Empire”. However, several years ago that empire collapsed (eBay got rid of most of their affiliates) and I never really knew what to do with the domain since.

Jaap Verduijn Ifa Divination CenterI noticed that lots of Google searches are done for the name “Jaap Verduijn”, so why not put name and domain to good use and let it provide useful Ifa divination information to the breathless readers? This here Ilé Dafa concentrates mainly on the process and the practice of actually casting Ifa (Dafa), but of course there’s much more that can be told about the subject… like I do in my series of Ifa Odu books.

So I decided to create an Ifa website on the domain, about writing my books, about the things I do when not writing my books… in short: just about anything that’s even remotely connected with Ifa divination. Presently the site is still kind of in the incubator, but that shouldn’t prevent you from taking a peek already. Go right ahead!

Ifa and Unesco


What to tell those who don’t take Ifa serious

Every now and then I grow tired of explaining to people what Ifa is, and why I’m sufficiently interested in it to be a practitioner, and to invest decades of my life in collecting texts and publishing them in books. In such a tired moment I advise people to look up the connection between Ifa and Unesco – after all, in 2005 Unesco has recognized Ifa as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. Click on the pic to go to the Unesco site.

Ifa with Unesco

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