Randomly refreshing bits of Ifa wisdom:

"Awo in a foreign land, far, far away from Ife" cast Irosun-Ogunda for Know-it-All.
Ifa says when this Odu is cast in a land far away from Mother Africa,
by a White awo for a Black client, or by a Black awo for a White client,
there is no true way to communicate, for the White client
thinks he's Black and the Black client thinks he's White.
Quick: give something to Eshu, even if you don't believe the Awo.
Nothing can be made good here, but at least
prevent things from getting worse.
Then go, if you haven't gone yet.


Thirty percent off!

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Discount during January 2015

As a new year’s gift during the whole month of January, we offer our presently available Odu Ifa books with 30 percent discount. Grab them now… next month they’ll be back at the normal price! Go have a look at Jaap Verduijn’s Odu Ifa books to order!

Discount on Odu books Verduijn

Book 3: “Irosun” is available

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October: we made it!

Through very hard work we managed to make the deadline of October after all: Volume #3 in our series of Odu Ifa books Irosun is available NOW. This means that presently the first three books in a series of sixteen are available to you:



Available for purchase at www.lulu.com

Volume 01 – Ika (70 verses): http://bit.ly/odu-ika
Volume 02 – Irete (74 verses): http://bit.ly/odu-irete
Volume 03 – Irosun (93 verses): http://bit.ly/odu-irosun

The thirteen other volumes will appear over the next few years in alphabetical order, momentarily we are working on Iwori. More information and FAQ right HERE!

“Irosun” and discount coming soon

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Your patience will pay off!

Cover Irosun bookDue to the “Independent Computer” ;-) , after a weeks and weeks and weeks long period of repairs and replacements, finally operates and indeed keeps operating like a computer should, the work on Volume 3 in our range of Odu Ifa books “Irosun” has been resumed at full speed! I don’t think we’ll be able to make the original October deadline (although Brenda seems to be more optimistic), but November should pose no problem at all.

That’s one half of the good news. The second half is that, on the publishing date of “Irosun”, we will create a discount for all paying members of the Ilé Dafa! It won’t be long, it is not far away, or full members will find themselves in a position to buy our books for a considerably lower price!

Soon: discount on Odu Ifa books!

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Odu books cheaper for members

Good news for the faithful members of this website! To show my appreciation for the paying members of this Ilé Dafa website, I have decided to make my Odu Ifa books available to them with a considerable discount. I consider this only fair: by having a paid subscription to this site you help make it possible to write, design and publish the books which, apart from a labor of love, is also an extremely time consuming and damn expensive business.

Discount Odu Ifa booksI am not sure yet what the exact amount of the discount will be, although I guess I’ll probably settle on US$5 off each volume, possibly slightly more. I aim to keep the default (full) price of each volume at the present US$21.95 which, on account of some volumes having (a lot) more pages than some others, seems to be a fair overall average. With five bucks off, the discounted price will then be US$16.95 or I might even decide to fix the discounted price at let’s say the nice round sum of 15 dollars. Although with the thinner volumes this will leave me with very little profit indeed and with the fatter volumes with none at all (or even a loss), I think that in all fairness the monthly contributions to this site from the faithful subscribers warrant this discountly gesture of appreciation.

At present we’re figuring out the technicalities of supplying this discount for our paying members, and when that’s done I’ll post the results here, including how you need to go about ordering your pleasantly discounted books.

“Independent Ifa Practitioners” group


The Independent Group is open again!

If you lot would like to have an easy platform to discuss all kinds of things pertaining to Ifa and Orisha, you might want to join our recently re-opened Independent Ifa Practitioners group on Facebook.

Like, Share & Win!

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Jaap Verduijn’s Odu Ifa Collection Volume 1 & 2

Like & Share

Do three things to make chance!

1] Like this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/odu.ifa.collection
2] Like this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ifalution
3] Share this post on Facebook: http://bit.ly/winodu

The winner will be announced on the Facebook page ‘Odu Ifa Collection‘ when the post has been shared 1.256 times (by people other than Brenda and Jaap).

More information on the books:
Ika: http://bit.ly/18zVqxU
Irete: http://bit.ly/irete
General Information: http://on.fb.me/SoJLgc

Previews are available at Lulu.com (click under the cover photo):
Ika: http://bit.ly/18zVqxU
Irete: http://bit.ly/irete


Ifa and Unesco


What to tell those who don’t take Ifa serious

Every now and then I grow tired of explaining to people what Ifa is, and why I’m sufficiently interested in it to be a practitioner, and to invest decades of my life in collecting texts and publishing them in books. In such a tired moment I advise people to look up the connection between Ifa and Unesco – after all, in 2005 Unesco has recognized Ifa as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. Click on the pic to go to the Unesco site.

Ifa with Unesco

The Irete book is on the market now!

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Irete Meji and its 15 sub-Odus available

Irete-AdvertisementSeveral days earlier than the planned 5th of May, we managed to get the Irete book out in the open! It has been published and is available right now!

There is a confession to be made though: I must immediately admit that the proud statement “a few days earlier than the planned date” is kind of misleading, because the book was already several months overdue before we set the final publishing date. Indeed, due to lots of unexpected circumstances, including the fact that there was so much more work involved than we initially imagined, our planning turned out to be waaaaaay off. But we kinda got into our stride now, having settled into some kind of regular work schedule and having ironed out a bunch of wrinkles in the process, which means that the third volume Irosun will easily follow later this year. But for the time being: here is your long-expected Irete book! Enjoy!

Irete – The main odu and its fifteen sub-odus:

• The book contains 74 Ifa verses
• Metaphysical Observations
• The book is fully illustrated
• Arranged in alphabetical order

Number of verses:
Irete Meji (14)
Irete-Ika (3)
Irete-Irosun (3)
Irete-Iwori (4)
Irete-Obara (3)
Irete-Odi (3)
Irete-Ofun (4)
Irete-Ogbe (6)
Irete-Ogunda (4)
Irete-Okanran (3)
Irete-Osa (9)
Irete-Oshe (5)
Irete-Otura (4)
Irete-Oturupon (3)
Irete-Owonrin (3)
Irete-Oyeku (3)

You can order the book by clicking on either the illustration or the blue link higher up in the text, or simply here. The price is US$ 21.95 or the equivalent in your own currency.

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